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NaamAusten Smart & Scott Smart
FunctieDJ, groep
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genreshouse, techhouse
Said to have a deep, dark, tech vibe, the London-based dance duo produce house music with an original and signature groove unique to them. In the two years since inception they have, remixed Kollektiv Turmstrasse, teamed up with house vocalists Cari Golden & Kevin Knapp, and collaborated with both Lauhaus and most notably Groove Armada.

The 'red hot' duo are idiosyncratically known for having red hair, always dressing in blue, and their high degree of professionalism and vision. They are also known as the founders of the heavy hitting and forward facing vinyl label Danse Club Records which they established in late 2012.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 december 2014: De Etage, Etage, Groningen
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