P.A.C.O. (foto)
Genresdeephouse, house, indie, techhouse, techno
Boekingen viaSite kittball.com/artist/p-a-c-o
P.A.C.O. and his hat have experienced a lot during their travels. Either as part of the Kittball Records family, as a promoter, or even as a Dj. The busy Dortmund-based Spaniard lives and breathes electronic music.

The passion for repetitive music has been with him his whole life and this reflects in the music he produces today. As a Dj, he has the ability to inspire an audience like no other. Combine this with some of the newest, never heard tracks, a few 'old treasures' and he'll be doing the magic without even having to pull a rabbit out his hat!

If P.A.C.O. is not on the road he is busy in the basement working on new productions and is a frequent guest at Tube & Berger's studio...
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