Ellliphant (foto)
NaamElinor Olovosdotter
Functieproducer, MC
SiteSite elliphant.com
Sounding like the twisted illegitimate offspring of MIA and Diplo – as deliciously fierce as the former but as intelligently playful as the latter – Elliphant pulls the balls of this dancehall slayer through its own throat and ties them in a cherry knot the other side.

Ellinor Olovsdotter slowly morphed into Elliphant through the course of a long (and lost) summer travelling in the UK with only a dubstep soundsystem for company. After falling in love with the urban music sounds of London she returned home to Stockholm, on Sweden's East Coast, boasting sizzling MC skills and some serious lyrical prowess.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 29 maart 2014: Red Bull Guest House, Gale Hotel, Miami
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