Marvin Coronel (foto)
NaamMarvin Coronel
Genresdancehall, electro, hip hop, house, pop, reggae
Marvin Coronel is one of the most influential people in the DJ world today. Since 1999 Marvin has been bringing continuous heat to the turntables of DJ's across the globe.

Not only does Marvin bring the heat from the studio, he is also one of the biggest DJ's in the clubs today. Through the course of his career, Marvin has held residencies in just about every major city in the world. From dance floor to dance floor, Marvin walks in the room and "puts his foot in the wall" as he would say. Hip Hop, House, Open Format, Disco, Rock, 80's, Latin Beats, Mash Ups you name it, there's nothing this seasoned veteran can't handle. Leaving behind a happy trail of club owners, goers, and promoters, Marvin has shown the world time and time again that he is built for this business.

With DJ and production work taking up a bulk of his time, Marvin never takes a break from the day to day grind.

Marvin shows no signs of slowing down. He is still ruling the club scene with his unique sound and incredible turntable skills, still creating heater after heater in the studio, and still coming up with new ways to make the job of being a DJ easier and easier for DJ's everywhere.
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