Ferdi Blankena & Sense Unique (foto)
NaamFerdi Blankena & Jesper Heethaar
FunctieDJ, groep
Ferdi Blankena, Ferdi Blankena
Sense Unique, Jesper Heethaar, partyflock Sense Unique
Boekingen viaSite deventerdubsessions.com
Ferdi Blankena & Sense Unique met each other at different outdoor parties of DeventerDubSessions, it was the summer of 2005.

There was an immediate click. But it's only in 2008 that their musical thoughts came together in a DJ-set at an illegal warehouse rave in Deventer. It was instant magic and their love for pure housemusic hit the dance floor.

In the years after their first performance they grew nearer to each other. Their love for vinyl and their passion for the music keeps inspiring them both. Together they have over 20 years of 'vinyl diggin experience'. Ferdi Blankena & Sense Unique bring out the best in each other, because of their exceptional and original choice of records, and their enthusiasm behind the decks.
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