NaamStefan Manshanden & Mike Strijbos
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Oud lid
System:Overload, Mike Strijbos
The Prototype, Stefan Manshanden
Dark Matters
A Frenchcore act from the Netherlands.
Members System overload and The_Prototype.

System overload
Is known for his mainstream hardcore.
And partys like Harmony of hardcore and much more.
With his new uptempo hardcore tracks.
He is going to make a comeback.

Comes from the underground Frenchcore, Hardtek scene.
The parties where he played. were for the large part. illegal parties
And of course some legal parties.

Together they had a plan to get their music styles together for a frenchcore act.
With french kicks and sounds sick.
After a few months
Dark matters was born!

Prepare yourself for these guys.
With their show, they will rock your world
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