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NaamYouri Piller
Lid van groepT.A.T.S
Genreselectro, pop, progressive
My name is Youri Piller and I'm a 17 year old DJ from Antwerp, Belgium. I started spinning at the age of 12 and was inspired by DJ such as Hardwell, Tiësto and many more. At the age of 15, people began to book me for small private party's and at the age of 16 I started spinning in small clubs such as SPOED Wilrijk. After a couple of gig's, I had the chance to spinn in Belgium's hottest club, NOXX Antwerp. Since, I'm spinning there regularly. Mostly I spinn Electro/Progressive/Deep House, Commercial and R&B.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 10 september 2016: K-town Festival, Campus Vives, Kortrijk
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