Heavy Noizes (foto)
NaamLukas Seaman & Madness
FunctieDJ, groep
Heavy Noizes, hardstyle DJs pair of Bratislava, made in a relatively short time name for home hardstyle scene and its unique energetic show roztancováva crowds at various clubs throughout Slovakia.
Was the first of the pair, Lukas Seaman, he played as a separate DJ since 2006 mostly in dance clubs, music and trance, but in 2008-2009 he began an active interest in Hardtrance and Hardstyle music, presented in different parts of Slovakia alongside DJ"s Enhancer and Kizzah.
Second of the pair, Madness, began to play with Seaman in 2010 when they both fell together for the mixer and the overall show, which they together make during joint appearances...
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