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Genresdeephouse, house, progressive, techhouse, techno
Koen Klaassen has been DJ-ing since 20 years and started producing his own tracks since a few years ago.

Koen rocked the house at several clubs in the Netherlands and did international gigs in Portugal, Poland and Belgium.

Unlike most modern DJ's , Koen does not stick to one style. Although playing tracks with a similar feeling, Koen is known to seamlessly switch between deephouse, progressive, club, techno, house and techhouse. Often tracks filled with melancholic melodies, but also fat non melodic tracks with a specific repetitive groove.

Nevertheless; every set is depending on the crowd. Being very sensitive to a vibe and therefore able to adjust his music to the crowd, Koen is known to always get the people dancing!
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 december 2013: Under Cover II, Let's get down, Hilversum
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