Spirit Catcher (foto)
NaamJean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet
It's funny but people tend to be a bit down on Belgium, full of boring bureaucrats but here's one good reason to get excited about Belgium, Spirit Catcher. Jean Vanesse & Thomas Sohet have become one of Europe's most exciting production partnerships & live acts since they began 9 years ago. In that time they've clocked up the impressive list of labels that they've worked for (2020 Vision, Systematic, Freerange, SAW, Crosstown Rebels, K7, NRK, Rebirth, om…).
Their excellent debut artist album "Night Vision" released on 2020 Vision is testament to this status, becoming album of the issue in many leading dance magazine around the world. Both have a diversity of experience to bring to the table and a wide variety of influences...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 7 december 2013: Nightfalls Label Night, Charlatan, Gent
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