NaamRuben Visser & Kevin du Lac
FunctieDJ, groep
Hardcore DJ Guerrilla, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Waakschaap (Ruben Visser) & AudioWitch (Kevin du Lac) are "gabberjunks" with a passion starting in the early/mid 90s. They joined their mixing skills & love for extreme hardcore & speedcore vinyl playing it together at dozens of underground squat parties. Their different and unique taste in hardcore became extremely appreciated wherever they played. They became part of SYSTEM OPERATOR (homebase: Slaakhuys) and played at freeparties across Europe (like TEKNIVAL). Still producing & mixing delicious food for the mind, sometimes showing up somewhere to make you fuckers MOVE!

Beside the Guerrilla, Kevin is an electrorave/acid producer/dj and has released some remixes on Holland's only pure electrotechno label Herr Zimmerman records, which is managed by Fraulein Z & TanzMan. He is also a resident DJ at Herr Zimmerman's Horror Show / Freak Show (Rotterdam's scariest clubnights) and has shared decks with artists as Zombie Nation (DE), Franz&Shape (ITA) & The Horrorist (USA). Ruben is a radio journalist and hosts a monthly fridaynight radioshow at Radio Rijnmond, called RADIO AKTIEF, where he can't help playing a lot of gabber and speedmetal.

To us, hardcore equals friendship, humour, emotion, and it's honest. We will never stop
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