YAX.X (foto)
NaamYouri Alexander Bottse
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasYAB (voorganger)
Lid van groepNew Damn Swing
SiteSite djyaxx.com
Boekingen viaSite ibzentertainment.com
Finding the groove is something that just happens naturally for Youri Alexander, commonly known as YAX.X. Being brought up in Amsterdam, YAX.X cut his teeth with vinyl from the age of 14 playing Hip Hop, House and Electro. His insatiable desire to spin records saw him play in just about every venue in Amsterdam and learn the art of reading a dance floor and delivering the goods.

As his musical direction evolved he found himself playing House, but he still maintains his sharp ear for a groove or hook that entertains the floor. From the smoothest house beats to epic EDM sounds or the thump of an electro banger, YAXX is well versed and ready to deliver.
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