NaamLars Boer & Ramon Burgmeijer
FunctieDJ, groep
Exxon, Ramon Burgmeijer
Genrescrossbreed, darkcore, drum & bass, hardcore, hardtechno, industrial hardcore, UK hardcore
What started as just a simple collaberation turned out to be a great combo for these guys.

Lars Boer a.k.a Dr. Darkness started solo 5 years ago. Spinning records in clubs, bars and discoteques 3 years ago. His style has Always been like his name. Dark, like his name tells you from the start. Started playing Darkcore and Industrial with vinyl. But when the time flew by and turntables were almost out of the picture he started using cd's and USB.

Ramon Burgmeijer also known as Exxon was Always a more uptempo kind of artist. Starting producing almost 5 years ago when he was 14 but started turning tables earlier this year. With raging kicks going up to 200 BPM Ramon knew how to pleasure the crowd right away.
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