Miss Bont Beats (foto)
NaamShelina de Bont
Genreseclectic, house, latin, lounge, progressive
SiteSite missbontbeats.com
In real life Shelina de Bont from Helmond, the Netherlands.
My passion for music started when I was just 12 years old. I sat in my room while listening to radio stations and started to record the music on to my cassettes. When I was old enough to visit the clubs, I couldn't keep my eyes off the DJ's. It gave me such a rush to see how they entertained the crowd with their music. I just love the effect that music has on people and how the right song at the right time can set the mood.

From that point on, I wanted to be a DJ myself. I started practicing with a DJ'ing program on my computer. Later on, I bought my first turntable. I started practicing on my room, which my parents weren't very happy with, haha...
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