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NaamMarlon Hoffstadt
Genresdeephouse, house
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Despite his innocent age of 18 years Marlon's productions keep up with those of the well known when it comes to style and quality. Stylistically his sounds are somewhere between pop and house. Marlon has that certain "something" that creates its own character and a very distinctive sound. With the talent of packing his music with emotions, many musicians worldwide are inspired. Moreover he is able to create wonderful corporations with some of them. His debut EP "You and a Love Stoned Ghost," which will be released on the Berlin label EVAMORE MUSIC, features the Scottish singer Amy Lyon. The "You and a Love Stoned Ghost" EP contains four enchanting tracks created by the synergy of Marlon's compositions and Amy's energetic voice...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 21 augustus 2016: People from Ibiza, Amnesia, San Rafael
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