Good Guy Mikesh (foto)
NaamMichael Schiedt
Over the last couple of years and in the circles he was operating in, Mikesh has gained to be somewhat of a prodigy. He's known to be the guy with the perfect pitch, as the variable, precisely arranging, forward thinking and still quite casual producer, that drops one sure shot after the other. You could've called him Leipzig's Timberlake, a virtuoso of a, let's say: debonair arrogation, to not let parochial narrow mindedness get in the way of his Pop-vision. He was performing live a lot, mostly just him. He was building up a solid 12"-discography joining forces with his DJ-partner Filburt. A backcatalogue including reputable landmarks like Permanent Vacation, Liebe*Detail or Mirau. He could've chosen the easy way from this point on...
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