ManooZ (foto)
Leeftijd35 - 36
Genresdeephouse, house
Mannheim native, ManooZ is a man on a mission. Throwing down the sort of jacking house music that sounds like it was was made with sweaty basements firmly in mind, but with a nod to his hip-hop and soul roots, the ManooZ sound is making a firm impact on the global house music community.

As well as notching up regular chartings on Juno, and being a regular selection in Beatport's staff recommendations, ManooZ is a mainstay in the boxes of the house music patriarchs. Names such as Robert Owens, Last Magpie, Zoo Look or Julien Sandre are enthusiastically supporting his raw, ballsy sound, yet his across the board accessibility shines through, with support continued from industry bibles, Rinse FM or XLR8R.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 4 december 2014: Thuis, Maggy, Utrecht
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