Terri B (foto)
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Miss Terri B!, the powerhouse vocalist who has been one of the most sought after voices in dance music with her tracks playing in almost every club, disco or FUN, You Use To Hold Me (D.O.N.S), Heaven (Timofey & Bartozs radio hit Russiafitness room on the planet, with such blockbusters as Oh La La La (2 Eivissa - no. 1 top 100 Spain, No. 2. France and Billboard club charts top ten), Bang that Box (Roger Sanchez), Rise (Kurd Maverick), Cant Slow Down (John Dahlback), BIG n Top 100 no 3), Soul Heaven (Henrik B – No. 2 World Dance Charts), and we cant forget the androgynous GET DOWN (Jerry Ropero, which reached Top ten in both top 100 and dance charts around the globe including the US).
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