Dubsons (foto)
NaamVlad & Robert
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdub, house, techno
Dubsons(Vlad&Robert) represents one of the newest project on the underground scene.Despite their age,they started making an own sound with influences from dub,techno,house & detoit.Their first vynil release signed at BodyParts Records was out in october 2012.The prime time side contains two tracks signed by them and the other was signed by their russian friend Stab9.The record received big support from the crowd, reaching 3rd place on Juno Bestsellers.You can hear their innovative sound in mixes from dj's like: Rhadoo,Raresh,Marco Carola,Richie Hawtin,a:rpia:r,Nima Gorji,John Digweed,Carl Cox,Cezar,Praslea,Gescu,Kozo,Chris Tietjen,Valentino Kanzyani,Nastia,...
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