Dabs (foto)
NaamDavide Rustici
Genresdrum & bass, funk
Davide Rustici aka Dabs, is an italian exciting new talent in the new-school dnb camp. His dj attitude got himself to play all over Italy, Europe and Australia with his fresh funk drum and bass rhythms sets.

As producer, he got his first releases on Basswerk in 2007. Winner of the prestigious italian contest Elettrowave Challenge 2008 as "best dnb italian dj-producer", he signed a brilliant single (Crawler - Weirdraws) on the notorious dutch label Citrus, receiving massive dj support all around the world. That was followed by two 12" in collaboration with the kiwi legend Cern, on the mighty Leeds based Dispatch Recordings amongst other releases on Triple Vision's dutch group and other european labels.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 1 augustus 2014: Let it Roll, Festivalterrein Benešov, Benešov
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