Cees van Balen (foto)
NaamCees van Balen
AliasDicke Junge
Genres90s, classics, drum & bass, electro, hip hop, house, techhouse, techno
From the age of 15 Cees started playing with records and turntables. He experimented with many styles to finally find his home in the combination of the genres techno, house and electronic. When he plays, you can expect a diverse and eclectic combination of the three genres called above. Cees likes to play with the crowd, more mentally then physically. He believes that when the mind is won, the body will come. If you'll ask him what kind of artist he is, he would answer: a no nonsense one.

Cees van Balen, was formally known as Dicke Junge, under this name he build up quite a reputation for himself by playing and organizing his infamous Threshold parties.
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