NaamAlex & Daniel Buess
Functielive act, groep
Genresbreakcore, jazz, noise
CORTEX appeared in 1998 out of Alex and Daniel Buess' musical colaborations. They were both musicians of the legendary free-noise-core combo 16-17 and also worked together since many years realizing Alex' percussion-compositions. After the 16-17 Mechanophobia-Tour in 1998 where also Daniel played drums, Buess&Buess started to work on CORTEX, a melting point and mutual fruitful influence of physical/human-and virtual/machine Energy from where the energy of CORTEX grows. A hormonal control-center. Organical and magnetic skins, air and metal.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 12 oktober 2013: Datacide 13 Releaseparty & Conference, Naherholung Sternchen, Berlijn
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