Gaudium (foto)
NaamAndreas Wennerskold
Genresprogressive, psytrance, trance
Gaudium is these days the solo project of Andreas Wennerskold from Gothenburg, Sweden. His third full length album saw the day of light in summer in 2011 and were very well received in progressive trance circuits. Its name is "Session of progression" and is released on Iboga Trance. His two first albums are "Nordic Nature" (Spiral Trax 2005) & "So Called Life" (Iboga Records 2007).

Among his other releases, we can mention his hit collaboration single "In Between" with Ace Ventura, incl. a hit remix by star shooting artist Captain Hook (Iboga Trance). The newest single from Gaudium will be released in March 2012 and includes the massive tracks "Torn Melodies" & "Inside the box" (Iboga Trance 2012).
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