NaamDingy Dysu
Dysu landed in Berlin from London in 2010. Since then he has made his presence known in the electronic music industry with hundreds of Live gigs, support slots for some of the World's biggest artists and his own brand of Japanese horror and beat heavy music.
Dysu has been working with various artists, producing and engineering countless songs and live shows in the UK and all over Europe. His experimental and improvised sound has led him to perform at the Tribu Festival in Dijon, France, The Wire Magazine Festival in Porto, Portugal, countless live sessions on Resonance FM and he has shared stages with such luminaries as Kool Keith, DJ Krush, DJ Kentaro, Roots Manuva, Gold Panda, Mike Ladd, K-the-i, DJ Vadim and Juice Aleem...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 25 september 2013: Camera Japan kick off party, WORM, Rotterdam
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