NaamJakub Šenšel
Genresdrum & bass
Jakub Sensel aka Minor Rain started producing in 2009 From this year, actively involved in production, along with his friend as soundNbeats. They have issued many labels like Breakfast Audio, Fokuz, Celsius, and more... In 2011 he created his own project called Minor Rain where he focuses on deeper styles and experimental electronic music. I was always fascinated by music. when I was six parents have signed up for piano. I was an active him 6 years. Then I want to play on saxophone so I went for that. On sax I played for 2 years. Then I ended up with it and I stopped all my music activities. For a few years I have devoted to other things. But again I started to be interested for music. With my friend, we agreed that we ll produce music...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 23 januari 2015: Wakeless, AA Dock's, Brussel
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