Matt Meler (foto)
NaamMatt Meler
FunctieDJ, producer
Man alive, if loving house music is wrong, Matt Meler don't wanna be right. From the moment that first pair of Ones and Twos dropped onto his table in January 2003, Matt made no apologies about digging through crates for jams by men like Miguel Migs, Joey Youngman, Inland Knights, Masters At Work, Dimitri From Paris, Jay-J, JT Donaldson, Mark Farina, Greenskeepers, Chuck Love and Joey Negro. Disco! Groove! And, all that house that it spawned! Yeah, all that good stuff. These are the sounds that inflated his first club set, in late 2003 (yup, it only took a few months), and that sound has since grown to encompass the most prime cuts from nu-disco, funk, disco, downtempo & house genres.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 oktober 2014: iCulture, Italia, Amsterdam
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