foto Mr. Belt & Wezol
NaamBart Riem & Sam van Wees
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdeephouse, techhouse, techno


Often described as the Netherlands' most striking DJ duo, Mr. Belt & Wezol stand out both production and appearance wise. Hits like "Finally", "Boogie Wonderland" and "Let's All Chant" have an old school house and disco vibe, twisted with Mr. B&W's characteristic dynamic drops. While their sound is easily recognizable among the other Spinnin' Records' releases, there's also another piece to the cake that makes this act special: their videos. Always spot on between humor and originality it often makes the fans eager to not only listen to the next track, but also to see the next track.

With their packed festival schedule there is a big chance you will see the guys in real life. 2018 marked their debut at Tomorrowland and Wish Outdoor Mexico. Shows like those on Kingsday were celebrated with four appearances throughout all corners of the Netherlands. But if you really want to see the guys in their element, you should visit their "The Cuckoo's Nest" hostings and club shows. Here they play long solo sets or invite all of their DJ friends for a huge back2back frenzy. The ADE editions are traditionally sold out and new editions will be announced all year round.

Uitgaansagenda Mr. Belt & Wezol

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Emporium · Celebrations trailer · Emporium · 2021 (1:32)
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29 juni 2019
Foto's, Sunrise Festival, 29 juni 2019, Lilse Bergen, Lille
3 juni 2017
Foto's, Freshtival, 3 juni 2017, Het Rutbeek, Enschede

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Talentjes! :)
Deze gasten zijn briljant
Ben ze op het spoor gekomen door Heldeep Radio, lekkere plaatjes. Btw, briljante naam: Riem <> Belt :D