Mike Hertz (foto)
NaamMike de Goede
Genreshouse, progressive
Meet Mike Hertz, dutch DJ and producer and only at the age of 18. Mike is a energetic young boy who takes his love for house music very serious, is step by step and gradually becoming a leading figure amongst the younger generation of DJ's. For those still waiting to discover this young man, hurry up!

The media has been paying close attention to the bootlegs, mash-ups & original tracks Mike is sending out, he really is one to watch for! Mike started as a 15 year old to play in his hometown Hoogeveen (NL). While making edits and remixes of tracks, his uplifting work got picked up by some bigger DJ's.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 3 december 2015: Louder, Huize maas, Groningen
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