Yeff DiLago (foto)
NaamYeffrey van der Ven
Genresdeephouse, EDM, freestyle, hardstyle, progressive, techhouse
partyflock Yeff Dilago (17 dec 2014)
DJ Yeff Dilago a.k.a. Yeffrey van der Ven was born on 29 April 1990 in Schiedam a town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
At his young age Yeff was very busy with music. 
But finally on his 18th year, his hobby really express when he bought himself a Professional DJ set up.
Allowing the first gig's and party's brought in!
Yeff started running as a party DJ, but at a later stage he want that more people listen to his unique sounds in Clubs.
After adding multiple Genre's to his collection the music style of Yeff Dilago is quite diverse.
It's of course entirely up to the location, People and atmosphere what kind of music is played.
But Yeff Dilago always spins his records with his own addicted Style!!
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 24 december 2013: Re-Loaded, Showtime, Vlaardingen
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