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NaamAli Houssein
Spinning tunes since 2006 with a true passion for the Harder Styles of Dance Music, The Khemist manipulates the bodies of dancers far and wide with his harder sound and has always left ravers wanting more. He is currently a resident DJ of Masif Saturdays. His sound derives from a unique mixture of old and new hardstyle with heavy influences from Noisecontrollers, Toneshifterz, Code Black, Frontliner, Zatox, Brennan Heart, Zany & NitrouZ , just to name a few, as well as a blend of his own edits, mash-ups & productions.

As a producer, he was taught Hard Dance Music Production by none other than Australian hardstyle legends: Code Black (Formerly Bioweapon / BRK3). He has also studied a Certificate 3 in Music Technology / Sound Design.
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