NaamRon van der Zijden & Kees van Duyn
FunctieVJ, groep
Ocular Difference is a Leiden based VJ duo consisting of Ron Dgasz and Kees van Duyn. Starting out in April '13 they've climbed up the ladder quickly and conquered venues like Paard van Troje (the Hague), Paradiso (Amsterdam) and LVC (Leiden).

They've provided visuals for events like Euroblast, Champion Sound, Kaputt and Apocalypse events and have had the honor to VJ for both some of the biggest names around in the Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Techno scene (Marky, Skism, Maduk, Brookes Brothers, Culture Shock, Audio, Monsta, Emalkay, Josh Wink, Thrasher, Limewax) and up and coming titans (Submatik, NCT, Lifecycle, Flash Oddysee, The Ulex)
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