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Genresminimal, techno
Kevin Witt, part of well-known duo Witt & Halm from Rhine city Königswinter near german ex-capitol Bonn, started his solo project in 2012. After successful releases on one of Iitalian's best Techno labels, Italo Business, where he found his place and friends for his career, there is no way to stop the output of high-quality electronic dance music anymore. There will be new stuff out on many big imprints soon.Furthermore, as a DJ, Kevin is rocking the clubs around Germany every weekend as ist best. Sometimes he also plays international gigs, that will be more and more at the moment. He is always in party-mood and totally connected to the people on the dancefloor, and plays his peak-time, floor-filling sounds to let no one stand still...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 17 februari 2018: Patten's Platte, Stilvoll, Neuss
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