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Genreshouse, techhouse
Wise D & Kobe joined forces in 2002, when they discovered that their tastes for music were very similar, they became the formidable DJ duo. Behind them is a huge clubbing experience produced by performances at famous clubs, festivals and organizing a large number of events.
Thanks to education at the Higher Vocational School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department for audio and video technology, along with performances they have dealt with the musical production that gains importance in March 2009, when their first House release of "Disco Zoo Records was released, under the name" Panther EP". Shortly after they become a part of DISCO ZOO team led by Marko Milicevic - Gramophonedzie.
In the beginning of the 2010...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 18 oktober 2013: Mjuzieek Label Night, Luminaa, Amsterdam
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