NaamJesse Vrede & Bastiaan Buesink
FunctieDJ, groep
Jesse Vrede, Jesse Vrede
Boekingen viaSite
The Tailors are really into the European funky tech house scene.
They have more than 34,000 followers on Soundcloud, 14,000 on Facebook (still counting) and perform all over the World, including places like Paris, Cannes, Ibiza, Madrid, Monaco and Sao Paulo/Brazil. Their fame started with their funky remixes of classics from artists like Tracy Chapman, George Benson, The Whispers and many more. They created their own style, which is deep, uplifting and funky, and are daily delivering new original tracks for the world to enjoy.
They released songs in Australia, France and America and are currently working on an EP/Album for Be Yourself Music located in Amsterdam...
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