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NaamAntonio Jose Ferro
An epos of the techno-genre. A career history, as you would only expect in a book and a man with great spanish temperament. It all began in the 80s in a club with even excellent history – the OMEN in Frankfurt. With sweet 18 years and with the right feeling for sound Toni started his career. Toni Rios is a bit Acid, a bit Trance, a bit hard techno and nowadays simply 'modern". In 1994 his first releases were published on HARTHOUSE and EYE Q. Quickly he became a fixed part of the COCOON-Family and published many techno-tracks. Toni captures the world with his style, travelled to the hippest clubs around the globe and is still one of the renowned artists in the techno-scene. In the last two decades he released a lot of tracks on labels like Cocoon Rec., KOMPAKT REC. BLUFIN, RECOVERY, VOLTAIRE MUSIC, MANUAL MUSIC, FEDERATION OF DRUMS, JERK, DANZA ELECTRÒNICA, DELIRIUM RED, CONTACT, KLING KLONG and of course on his own label SOAP RECORDS. His tracks reflects the way of mind and Toni himself. He is a great producer, who offers a platform for younger artists. Toni Rios plays on big events such as Timewarp, Mayday, Nature One, SMS, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and I Love Techno.
There is a big anniversary in october 2014: 25 years DJ Toni Rios ! And of course - this is a reason to celebrate ! Toni Rios will publish 3 compilations, including a "Best Of Toni Rios', and there will be a tournee. Toni Rios don't know "Tranquilo', he always kepps going on
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pfff SMS 2005 in de ochtendgloren was deze man zo briljant bezig :) daarna te weinig meer van gezien, gehoord..ook een aantal leuke producties (Y)