NaamDavid Wenger
FunctieDJ, producer
CrimeTekk aka David Wenger was born on the 22. August 1989. At the Age of 15 he found his Love for Electronic Music. He was feeling the love for Hardtechno. From 2005 till 2008 David joined many many many big Partys and the Music became more than just Music to him. It became his purpose in his life. He finally wanted to realize his Dream to take stand behind the Turntables. At the Age of 18 the time was right and he sold his X-Box 360 and his Playstation 3 with pain in his Heart. He gave up his Hobbies and bought his first Set of Turntables and Mixer and the Show began. After 2 Years, CrimeTekk wanted show his Ability not only at Home and before his Friends, but he wanted to rock the Place and tear the Dancefloor at Clubs, Partys and Festivals. At the End of 2009, his Best Wildpitcher gave him the Chance to demonstrate his skillz at the second gig of SUBNOISE Bookings ---> Time for Revolution! David took his first stand at the Decks. After six months the 1. Crastin Records Label Night followed where he was starring with his first 3 Hour earthquaking Hardtechno Mix. This mix was the birth of his first official Booking at CRIMINAL Bookings called HARD TUNES "Electronic Hard Music Festival" Club SKA Graz. This was his take off and many Shows followed (2 times "Heavy Circus" Kashmir Club Hungary, B.R.E.A.K. feat. Adrian Valera Bday Stadtwerkstatt Linz, XMASSIVE Loft Graz, Fight 4 Techno Loft Graz, 2MASSIVE Loft Graz, New Year Escalate...). After a while CrimeTekk rockz at International Technoradiostations with his Sets and he got the Offer to make every Tuesday Evening his own 2-Hours Radio Show called Hard Beats where he shown his own Style of HardTechno. From 11. 01. 2011 CrimeTekk was Resident on CueBasE.FM///24h Technoradio. 2011 was amazing for David one booking followed the next and the Highlight of the Summer was "Devils Playground" CRIMINAL CAMP Nature One 2011 with all international Hardtechnostars 5 Days of Destruction. 2012 David joined Crastin Records & Dark Art Records 2 Digital Vinyl & Digital Labels. After some time David created his own Label calls "HARMONIX RECORDS"

/// CrimeTekk playes allready at \\\
>CRIMINAL Camp< NATURE ONE Camping Village (Kastellauen/Germany)
>Kashmir Club< (Budapest/Hungary)
>Bazen< (Kranj/Slovenia)
>Club Pržan (Ljubljana/Slovenia)
>Rainbergkeller (Salzburg/Austria)
>b.lack< ehem. CAVE Club (Salzburg/Austria)
>Cembran Keller< (Linz/Austria)
>SKA Club< (Graz/Austria)
>LOFT< (Graz/Austria)
>Stadtwerkstatt< (Linz/Austria)
>Proberaum< (Salzburg/Austria)
>Mark< (Salzburg/Austria)
>PostKutsche< (Mattsee/Austria)

/// CrimeTekk was already stand behind the decks with O.B.I., Arkus P., Jan Fleck, SveTec, Psychodrums, Julyukie, Paranormal Inc, Barbers, Destruction Derby, Waldhaus, Kombot, Golpe, Sepromatiq, Hogar, Mr. Dj, Xavorr, Cuyi, Tilthammer, Fergis, Adrian Valera, Thorsten Kanzler, Sandy Warez, Minupren, Hammond, Montek, Nobody, Miss Kosmix, Krischmann & Klingenberg, Flotek & Mario Kinle, Sickboy, Hardhazz, Plx, Wildpitcher, Villini, Error, Oniks, Sotek, Jan Maruk, Rene Reiter, Nitram, Novex, Chok Dee, Ruru, Christian Ferreira, Axell, Zoky & Teo Harouda, Lars Lindenberg, Kevin Kottonmouth, Mittelstrahl, Flo Noize, Tom Maludi, Dave Hawkins, Yael, Lil Kris, Marco Feros, Notus, Rudi Remfield.
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