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NaamHoracio Cruz
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Since 1997, this artist from Granada has been based in Techno. His hard work in the scene and his skills with 3 decks sets, have established him as a solid reference of Techno in the South of Spain.

In 2003 Horacio started releasing his first tracks on vinyl tool , being always used in his 3 deck sets full of technique and speed. His more than 40 references at important international record labels have been charted in top ten lists from artists like Cristian Varela, Ken Ishii, Mark Broom or Dj Pepo and he has published several EP's with Gaetano Parisio, Axel Karakasis, Paul Mac, Spiros Kaloumenos, A.Paul …

Despite his rejection of the commercial, this artist has been nominated in two occasions to Deejaymags in Spain.
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