Caz Amarillo (foto)
NaamCasper van Geelen
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshouse, trap
Caz Amarillo also known as Casper van Geelen, was born on 29 July 1994 in Utrecht, Netherlands. As a child, Caz Amarillo was already into music. He started his musical career with music lessons and a few years later he started to play guitar. But Caz Amarillo found out his passion was sharing music with the outside world. Caz Amarillo started his own online radio channel on the internet at the age of eleven. Inspired by the Dutch radio channel 538, he started the radio show at his own 'studio' in his room with a microphone and a computer full of music. The number of listeners grew and eventually he achieved an average of 400 listeners a day, an achievement at the age of eleven.
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