NaamAngelino Gaveriaux
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore, terror
NSA( Noise Stylerz Activities) whose real name Angelino Gaveriaux born October 4, 1986 in Roubaix ( Nord, France ) is a French producer and DJ in his particular style .
The PUNCHCORE (Electronic Music for fast bass and multi kick)
In 2000 he decided to put platinum vinyl in order to evolve in the field of deejing once the draw sheet vinyl happen to digital to improve his technique and performance DJ until he discovers software production in 2010 and began to produce various pieces hardcore gabber passionately .
In 2011 he produced several tracks for his taste and his very different style with a remix that will not leave the audience indifferent gabber that of KATTY PERRY - Awake and more intense remix the film PROJECT X...
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Johnny Vos
een van de beste
Gewoon Lianne
De overgangen in combinatie met de steeds harder wordende kicks, maken me knetterwous in mn harses, en daar hou ik van!!!!