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Bastard Sugar (foto)
NaamWander Kars
Lid van groepHuSo
Dutch producer and beat maker Bastard Sugar's real given first name, Wander, perfectly embodies the type of music he makes. So, what's in the name? We hear music that feels like an exploration. Organic, natural sounds are contrasted, and more often even combined with digital sounds.
Bastard Sugar has his ear to the ground in terms of what's happening now in 21st-century beat construction. But, he doesn't necessarily operate within a specific framework or scene. He wanders freely across genres such as UK bass, post-dubstep, ambient, juke or future garage with a keen ear for melody and subtle feel for rhythm. You get the feeling that you're listening to his music while it's being made.
But there is a broader sense of aesthetic readily apparent...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 27 april 2016: Nokturné Kingsday, Hemingway, Leeuwarden
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