Kayrunchy (foto)
NaamArne Roest
Genresambient, goa, lounge, psytrance
SiteSite 3rd-bit.nl/content/view/348/66
Boekingen viaSite 3rd-bit.nl
DJ Kayrunchy was born in the South-West of The Netherlands. He moved with his parents to Leeuwarden when he was ten years old. In Leeuwarden he grew up with DJ to be, DJ Nilezz, and his twin brother Maarten. Later in life, after meeting DJ Paul B, he got introduced to, and grew fond of, Psytrance. Soon after that DJ Kayrunchy and DJ Nilezz went to their first Fullmoon Festival in Eastern Germany. Since then the love for Psytrance has only grown stronger.

DJ Kayrunchy has for the last five years tried to help out the 3rd BIT organization when it came to setting up the parties. Recently, in February of 2013, he got his first chance to play a Psychedelic Chill-Out set at one of the events where 3rd BIT provided DJs for the Chill-Out.
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