Mally Clark (foto)
NaamMally Clark
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Biography UK born DJ Mally Clark

It all started in 1972! Over the years I developed my dj, entertainment and radio presentation skills. Along the way experiencing resident and party deejaying in clubs and on the party circuit in England, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. I have also done some producing; script writing and reporting for the BBC, voice-overs for promotional video's and have hosted my own radio shows. Vinyl, CD, computer (Traktor) and midi boards... I am versatile! I have an extensive knowledge of music... from 'rock and roll' to present day! Which makes me an ideal 'cross-over" DJ...
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Hij heeft gisteren een heerlijke set weg gezet. Zijn muziek was beter dan in the main.TOP TOP TOP (k)(k)(k)

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My man ... im gonna say the same shit im gonna tell antoine ... you guys played fucking awesome yesterday! Long time ago i could let my self go and just dance like it was yesterday. Thank you man, your deep house and progressive was really the shizzle! Looking forward 2 the next party with u as my favorite dj! Gr M