Sebastian Nova (foto)
NaamSebas Zandwijk
Genreship hop, house, r&b
Sebastian Nova's passion for music began at an early age. It started in elementary school, where he spent every day at a musical school. At the age of six, he started drumming lessons.
After three years of drumming he started playing the piano. This he did for three years.
At the age of 12, Sebastian Nova received his first dj set for christmas, and he was hooked for life. He wanted nothing more but to be a dj.
Three years later Sebastian Nova (age 15) started experimenting with virtual dj on his laptop. All his friends laughed at him, and certainly never expected him to get anywhere with his career as a dj. He kept rehearsing and rehearsing, and listened to how the pro's did it, like one of his biggest heroes: David Guetta...
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