Stanley More (foto)
NaamStan van Geffen
GenresEDM, electro, progressive
This young and aspiring DJ, featuring well over 1,95 meters in height, will stand tall over the crowd and deliver yet again an astounding energetic repertoire of Electronic Dance Music.
Inspired by big DJ names such as "Hardwell" and "Steve Aoki" Stanley started off hitting the decks at smaller 'house' parties, which soon resulted in him producing mixtapes and podcasts he baptized as "My World of Music."
From there on, and as a result of the increasing number of listeners of his podcasts and promotional mixtapes, his distinctive style became more and more noticed by events such as "MIXX Events"
the summer of 2013 he played his first outdoor festivals, and other big party's in the south of the netherlands...
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Party agenda Stanley More
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 26 augustus 2016: Pillar Festival, Lindenheuvel, Geleen

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