Mainstage Maffia (foto)
NaamSipke Smeekes, Tim Smeekes & Laurens Wijers
FunctieDJ, groep
Craven, Sipke Smeekes, partyflock Craven
Recore, Laurens Wijers
Skullcrusher, Bas van Galen
Genresearly hardcore, early rave, hardcore, oldschool
Mainstage Maffia,
These three gentlemen bring you a diverse journey through the Harder styles of House
With a combined DJ experience of over 75 years they know their stuff and always find a way
to get the crowd moving by anticipating the flow of the evening.

When these gentlemen met for the first time somewhere in July 2011 none of
them could suspect what was about to happen. It was not until 8 months later when they did a surprise set together during D-Energy in March 2012 that they understood the chemistry they had together.
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