Mainstage Maffia (foto)
NaamSipke Smeekes, Tim Smeekes & Laurens Wijers
FunctieDJ, groep
Craven, Sipke Smeekes, partyflock Craven
Recore, Laurens Wijers
Skullcrusher, Bas van Galen
Genresearly hardcore, early rave, hardcore, oldschool
Mainstage Maffia, The Four Horsemen: Riders of the apocalypse
These four gentlemen bring you a diverse journey through the Harder styles of House
With a combined DJ experience of over 75 years they know their stuff and always find a way
to get the crowd moving by anticipating the flow of the evening.

3 DJ's and an MC:
Dutch DJ's Craven, Litho & Recore supported vocally by Mc Skullcrusher always push the boundaries
of the sets they play. With a no nonsense attitude and in your face style of mixing.. Expect the unexpected
from these four gentlemen.

With releases on labels like: Bzrk Records, Uptempo is the Tempo records, Point 44 Records, Brutal Force Records
they are no strangers to different styles.
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