foto Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink
NaamFlorian de Ligt & Jeffrey Smink
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshouse, latin


Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink is a DJ/Producer duo since 2012, made up of two best friends Florian de Ligt & Jeffrey Smink. All they want is to enjoy and to enjoy the crowd. This is exactly what strongly emerges during a set of these two guys because it's not just music for these two gentlemen. It's a feeling, it's a vibe and it's joy.

They love house music, all kinds of house music, so they had to make a perfect combination of all the styles they love. You can expect different styles, but always with soul-pleasing vocals. One thing is for sure, the music Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink plays is always funky, groovy, refreshing and happy.