Lissat & Voltaxx (foto)
NaamJens Lissat & Marco Wolters
FunctieDJ, groep
Jens Lissat, Jens Lissat
Genreshouse, techhouse, techno
Lissat & Voltaxx (Tactical Records /Toolroom Records/Great Stuff/303 Lovers/Stealth/ Spinnin/Hotfingers)

Lissat & Voltaxx are Jens Lissat and Marco Wolters, working together since 2006. Their tracks are released on trendbreaking labels like Toolroom, Great Stuff, 303 Lovers, Hotfingers, Stealth, Spinnin and Ministry of Sound.
The "L & V" style varies between House, Tech House, and a touch of Progressive.

2008 was a very succesful year for them, as they remixed the No.1 UK song "Silence" by Delerium, which also hit the top 10 charts in over 8 countries. The biggest success 2008 was in September, with their own track "Release yourself". The track charted at No.1 position on most digital stores.
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