Wish E (foto)
NaamEric wils
AliasPsycho Killer
Genresdarkcore, early terror, frenchcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, terror, UK hardcore
Wish E , better known as Eric Wils , was founded in 2013. His first appearance was at Invaderz. He started with hardcore , but soon realized that this was too slow for him. So he decided to take a look at the harder styles like frenchcore and terror. His first encounter was at Frenchcore Psychopaths . From the end of summer 2013 he started his own monthly podcast . Here are mainly new but also old tracks , popular , or almost forgotten tracks played

Now he makes sets and recordings , but this winter Wish E will start making music . He will focus on up-tempo hardcore , but there are also ideas for fenchcore and terror tracks.
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Party agenda Wish E
Laatste optreden was op donderdag 20 maart 2014: BPM Black, Dynamo, Eindhoven

Party agenda Psycho Killer (alias)
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