RDC (foto)
NaamRoel De Clerck
Leeftijd26 - 27
Genresfrench tek, jump
Roel De Clerck, Better now as RDC is an Belgian Jump/Tekstyle Dj and Producer.
His music is best described as combination of melo and some crazy sounds.

Born in 1990, And living in 'Merksem' (Belgium, Antwerp)
love for jump music started at 2006, Year later I bought my first vinyl and some CD's.
Few months later i trying to make my own music, year later After saving some money I had the opportunity to buy the appropriate equipment.
2009 i have my first track released with Kosmik, later that year i have more and more releases.
in 2010 my track 'Kick da Bass' enter the ultratop dance 30.
i have releases on J-Stylerz, BIP Records, Kick Da bass Records, Babaorum, Nasty Productions, Subsonic Muzik and SUR+.
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