Syllie G (foto)
NaamSylvion Gaddum
Lid van groepGroovers Collective
Genresclassics, club, disco, funk, house, latin, r&b, soulful house
Syllie G is born and raised as Sylvion Gaddum in Amsterdam.

As a baby he only stopped crying when the music was playing… was clear that a music lover was brought into this world.

As a youngster he developed a great love for funk soul and early disco. He started a Drive-In Show with his high-school buddies and played at numerous parties.

During his military service in Germany, he didn't dj much, but he listened a lot to the popular blackmusic radio-stations there. It made him even more eager to get back on the decks!
At that time, famous DJ/MC Ja-Yson played at the trendy Café Zola in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam and Sylvion got the chance to fill in for him every once in a while...
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